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The G-S Company provides services as a detention equipment contractor nationwide. We have been active as an installer of detention equipment since 1962. Our experienced management team and installation crews have a broad knowledge of the many important aspects of constructing detention related facilities. The difficulties in designing and constructing a correctional facility are un-equaled in the construction industry. The extensive coordination required between trades and the extraordinarily long lead times for detention equipment often makes the task of constructing a correctional facility seem overwhelming. The G-S Company lends its experience to providing the service and knowledge to make the task manageable for the designer, construction manager and the end user.
As well as actively bidding construction projects, The G-S Company can provide contracting services direct to a facility for renovation and retro-fitting projects. Our management and engineering teams stand ready to assist in determining a facilities needs and designing a program to satisfy those needs. Whether it be replacing obsolete locks, locking devices and doors beyond repair or modifying a current condition to meet a facilities needs, The G-S Company is ready to assist.

The G-S Company is a Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company Certified Detention Equipment Contractor.

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The G-S Company has been providing custom installation since 1928