Detention Equipment - Custom Fabrications

The G-S Company prides itself as being on of the few Detention Equipment Contractors that is willing to take on difficult fabrication work related to detention facilities. Although Industry Standard products are the most economical for a detention facility, we understand the need to adapt to meet the needs of a particular facility.

If you have something in mind that you want fabricated for your detention facility and need design assistance, please contact The G-S Company.

The G-S Company can fabricate for your special needs the following items and more, either at our facility or on the jobsite

  • Furniture Fabricated To Meet Existing Conditions and Dimensions
  • Heavy 7 Gauge Steel Frames and Borrowed Lights
  • Structural Steel Tube Framed Control Rooms and Dayroom Dividers
  • Security Partitions For Use Above Ceilings
  • Expanded Metal Partitions and Enclosures
  • Hollow Steel (Plate) Doors
  • Elevator Dividers/Security Screens
  • HVAC Barrier Grills and Sleeves
  • Cuff/Shackle Ports In Masonry Walls
  • Tear Gas Ports In Masonry Walls
  • Woven Wire or Steel Plate Raised Platforms, Mezzanines and Catwalks

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    The G-S Company has been providing custom installation since 1928