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Window Guards

Our woven wire window guards are manufactured in our Baltimore MD location. Our window guards have proven their ability against the toughest element "man". Our window guards are custom made and design to fit all your window needs. The G-S woven wire window guards have been used in array of institutions such as schools, churches, construction trailers, and residential homes and your toughest facilities. Our woven wire window guards are designed to help reduce vandalism while adding to the beauty of your facility.

Benefits of the G-S Company Window Guards

  • Security: Clinched woven wire mesh, Mortised & Tenoned framed corners or welded corners
  • Durability: Virtually maintenance free
When considering what type of window guards that will be needed for your facility, take into consideration the building facade.

Mounting Conditions must be determined when considering the mounting of window guards. Generally window guards are mounted outside of a building as protection against window breakage as well as break-ins from the outside. However window guards are mounted, for example, inside a school's gymnasium to protect against glass breakage from the inside. Also, in the case of historical buildings, inside mounting is often preferred or required. In any case the manner in which window guards can be attached is dependent on the surfaces that the surrounding jambs or walls afford. Mounting conditions will determine the method of attachment.

There are various considerations to keep in mind when determining the mounting of window guards. These items are listed below.
  1. Window guards are installed face mounted or inside the jamb.
  2. Window guards can be installed inside or outside the building
  3. Window jambs need to be identified as Brick, Masonry, Wood or GWB, etc. over metal or wood studs.
  4. Windows and/or accessories may project past the window jamb which will require the window guard to be built out.
  5. Another issue to be considered is whether the head or sill of the windows project forward or are flush with the side wall. Often sills in particular may project out beyond the face of the wall.
  6. Double window guards, can work with sliding windows, double hung and fixed windows. Often windows with center mullions will require a center locking post located at the center of the window mullions.
  7. Slide bolts located on the interior side of the window guard are typically used with sliding and double hung windows.
  8. Gymnasium windows are installed on the interior side of the windows to protect from glass breakage. Special locking arrangements may be desired at gymnasium window guards, which are installed high above the floor.
Summary up, there are various styles and manner of constructing window guards to meet various site conditions and requirements.
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