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2" no 6 ga. Sure Guard™ - Severe Duty
If your looking for more security and durability than light duty commercial requirements but not the prison look, The G-S Company 2" No. 6 ga. diamond wire mesh is right for you. Comprised of a larger steel channel and a heavier diameter steel wire than the standard duty" system, The G-S Company's Sure-Guard™ "Severe Duty wire mesh partition is ideal for industrial applications.

Benefits of G-S Sure Guard™ Heavy (Severe) Duty
  • Security: Clinched woven wire mesh, Mortised & Tenoned framed corners

  • Construction: Modular panels for easy construction installation with max size of 5'-0" X 12'-0". Wire mesh panels can be designed to work with existing lighting, HVAC, and sprinkler lines.

  • Durability: Virtually maintenance free
Sure Guard™ Heavy (Severe) Duty woven wire partitions can be designed to accept all kinds of hardware including panic bars, card reader's, electric strikes, mortise lock sets and are able to meet ADA requirements.

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